About the Journal

Panjab University Research Journal (Science) (ISSN No.: 0555-7631) is published annually by Panjab University Printing Press. It has come a long way since its birth in 1953 when its first volume containing three years of research articles was published under The Editorship of Professor Vishwa Nath Tewari of Department of Zoology, East Panjab University, Hoshiarpur. The Journal is in circulation at National & International level and in reciprocation Panjab University Research Journal (Science) office receives approximately 350 issues of various journals on wide ranging aspects of scientific research every year. These volumes are sent to the concerned Science Departments & Main Library of the Panjab University for the benefit of faculty, research scholars/students etc.

The Journal has enrolled a significant number of paid annual members as well as its life subscribers. The abstracts of all the articles are also made available on the website of the P.U. and the journal is also available on payment to the subscribers.