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Significance of the External Genitalia in the Family Oecophoridae (Lepidoptera) along with A new species and three new combinations from North-West India

H.S. Rose and P.C. Pathania
Department of Zoology, Punjabi University, Patiala - 147 002

In all thirteen species i.e., Apethistis insulsa (Meyrick), A. metoeca Meyrick (Autostichinae), Cophomantella pumicata (Meyrick), C. lysimopa (Meyrick), C. myadelpha (Meyrick), C. juxticata sp. nov. (Xyloryctinae), Psorosticha zizyphi (Stainton) (Depressariinae), Stathmopoda auriferella (Walker), S. balanarcha Meyrick (Stathmopodinae), Tonica niviferana (Walker), T. zizyphi (Stainton), Periacma circumclusa Meyrick and P. continuata Meyrick (Oecophorinae) collected from North-West India have been taxonomically treated. Besides detailed description of the new species, the new combinations of the species pumicata (Meyrick), lysimopa (Meyrick) and myadelpha (Meyrick) under the genus Cophomantella Fletcher have also been justified. The male genitalia of all and the female genitalia of the species viz., Apethistis insulsa, A. metoeca, Cophomantella juxticata sp. nov., C. lysimopa, C. pumicata, Psorosticha zizyphi, Stathmopoda auriferella, S. balanarcha, Tonica zizyphi and Periacma circumclusa have been examined and described in detail. The taxonomic significance of the external genitalia at the species and genus levels is highlighted.

Key words: Genitalia, India, lepidoptera, oecophoridae.
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