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Issue: Volume 55, 2004


  • Age at menarche in relation to body size and physiological variables among Rajput girls
       Indu Talwar and Preeti Bajwa

  • Molecular basis of nutrient absorption from intestine
       Akhtar Mahmood & Safrun Mahmood


  • Why have open source applications caught the eye of higher education?
         R.K. Singla and Poonam Bansal

  • Bioinformatics approach for secondary structure identification in beta-barrel fold proteins
         Syamala Devi and Kalyani

  • Risk abatement through configuration management
          P.K. Suri and Rachna Soni

  • Surface alterations of placenta in Plasmodium berghei infected pregnant mice
          Geeta Shukla and Neeraj Pahuja


  • Production of carbon nanotubes using arc ignition of graphite in de-ionized water
         Irinder Singh Chopra, Prashant Jindal, M.L. Sharma and V.K. Jindal


  • Determination of the EOQ under permissible delay in payments allowing partial payment when quantity received is uncertain
         Khadiza Lokhandwala, Y.K. Shah and Nita H. Shah


  • Comparative studies on the internal genitalic organs of three Indian species of genus Callimorpha laterille (Arctiidae : Lepidoptera)
         Jagbir Singh Kirti, V.K. Walia and Jagpreet Singh Sodhi

  • Morphometric and Meristic analysis of Tor chilinoides (Pisces : Cyprinidae) from the river Western Nayar of Garhwal, Central Himalaya
          S.P Uniyal, Anoop K Dobriyal, M.S. Bisht and H.K. Joshi

  • Physico-chemical analysis of sewage water and its effects on parameters of soil and Solanum tuberosum Linn.
         Jaswinder Kaur and Sandeep Kaur

  • Taxonomic studies on Indian Gelechiidae (Lepidoptera : Gelechioidea) X. Two new species of genus Thyrsostoma Meyrick from North India
         V. K. Walia and D. Wadhawan

  • Taxonomic studies on Indian Gelechiidae IX. Two species of genus Thiotricha Meyrick including one new from North India (Lepidoptera : Gelechioidea)
         V.K. Walia and D. Wadhawan

  • Source–Sink Manipulation and its effect on potential grain yield of rice (Oryza sativa L.)
         Davood Eradatmand Asli, I. S. Dua and Hamid Mehrpanah

  • Some new aquatic fungi from Northern India
         I.B. Prasher and Nisha Sharma

  • Lichens of Himachal Pradesh – I
         I.B. Prasher and H. Chander

  • Bioconversion of water hyacinth to fuel and fertilizer through pretreatment
         Nafisa Ali and B.L. Chaudhary

  • Effect of periphyton and supplementary feeding on gut indices of two brackishwater fish species
         Ashok Kumar, Anita Bhatnagar and S.K. Garg

  • Physiological basis of variation in the development of Triticum aestivum grains with reference to the role played by some catabolic enzymes
          I.S Dua, Ranju Singla and Neera Garg

  • Exploitation of field egg parasitoid Uscana femoralis Pajni and Sood for the control of store pest Callosobruchus maculatus (F.)
          P.K. Tewari, N.K. Mavi and M. Airi

  • On the variations in location of genital markings in Amynthas morrisi Beddard (1892) and Metaphire posthuma Vaillant (1868) (Oligochaeta : Megascolecidae)
         Neena Dhiman and S.K. Battish

  • A survey of the moss flora of Chandigarh and some adjoining areas
          Mani Bassi, Sunita Kapila and S.S. Kumar

  • Somatic embryo encapsulation for synthetic seed production in Azadirachta indica
          Jaswinder Kaur and G.S. Virk

  • Effect of replacement of fishmeal with defatted canola on growth performance and nutrient retention in the fingerlings of Channa punctatus (Bloch.)
          Meenakshi Jindal and S.K. Garg

  • Studies on internal male and female genitalic organs of the type species of genus Mahavira moore and its taxonomic significance
         Jagbir Singh Kirti and Jagpreet Singh Sodhi

  • Macrobothridium djeddensis new species (Cestoda:Macrobothridiidae) from Rhynchobatus djeddensis Forsskal, 1775 from Bay of Bengal, at Digha coast, India
          Premendu Bikash Pramani and Buddhadeb Manna

  • Crossability studies between wheat-rye addition lines and bread wheat genotypes
          M.C. Sidhu

  • Mannose specific lectins from edible garlic (Allium sativum)
         Anita Gupta

  • Potential of starch as a cheap gelling agent in plant tissue culture media
         Harvinder K. Cheema and Anil Patial

  • Studies in the asymmetric synthesis of azetidin-2-ones and related biologically active compounds
         Suman Rathee
  • Studies towards the origin and development of diastereoselective additions on systems devoid of 1,3-allylic strain
         Sandeep Kanwar
  • Studies towards the synthesis of zaragozic acid
         Gurmeet Kaur Nanda
  • Studies towards the synthesis of 9,10-secosteroids
         Manoj Bali
  • Use of chemo-selective strategies and unconventional techniques for the synthesis of organic compounds
         Rani Jindal
  • Time-dependent quantum mechanics of systems from one to three dimensions
         Amita Wadehra
  • Studies in asymmetric synthesis and C-3 functionalization of azetidin-2-ones
         Renu Arora
  • Quantum mechanical studies on nonlinear oscillators and many electron system
         Neetu Gupta
  • Synthetic investigation in azetidin-2-ones and other biologically active heterocycles
         Mahmood Shakir Magtoof
  • Control of reactivity in cyclodecane derivative: Synthesis and crystallography
         Preeti Walia

  • Some problems of coupled and generalized thermoelasticity
         Sukhvinder Kaur

  • Immuno protective potential of Klebsiella pneumoniae o-polysaccharide cholera toxin B subunit conjugate against experimental lobar pneumonia
         Vanashree Yadav
  • Protective potential of antibiotic induced outer membrane proteins of Klebsiella pneumoniae conjugated to polysaccharide moiety of lipopolysaccharide antigen in murine sepsis model
         Vandana Toky

  • Thermally induced changes on the electrical properties of amorphous Se-Te glassy alloys
         Vineet Sharma

  • Pharmacological interventions of experimental renal failure
         Devinder Singh
  • Pharmacological investigations on experimental diabetic neuropathy and nephropathy
         M. Anjaneyulu

  • Taxonomic studies on the superfamily gelechioidea (Lepidoptera) of Haryana and Rajasthan
         Deepak Wadhawan
  • Cytogenetic and molecular investigations on some mosquitoes
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